CG - Why won't my barcode save?

Learn about requirements for different barcode types, so that data can be saved to your Products page.

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In the Products page of your ChannelGrabber account, under the details tab, you have a few options for entering barcode data against your SKUs;

  • EAN

  • UPC

  • MPN

  • ISBN

We frequently get customers report that they have tried to save some data to one of these fields, and, after reloading the page, the data is missing. The reason for this is that all of the different barcode types (except for MPN) have specific requirements for what can be entered into them:

  • EAN - Must be a numerical value of 8 or 13 digits

  • UPC - Must be a numerical value of 12 digits

  • MPN - Can be any combination of letters / numbers

  • ISBN - Must be a numerical value of 10 or 13 digits

If you experience issues when following the guidelines above for valid barcodes, then please contact our support team with any relevant example skus, and the data being entered, so that we can take a look.

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