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CG - Delete a product from ChannelGrabber
CG - Delete a product from ChannelGrabber

Learn how to delete your Products from ChannelGrabber

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From time to time you may wish to delete your SKU entries from the ChannelGrabber Products page.

To delete a product from ChannelGrabber:

  • Go to the Products page

  • Find the SKU(s) that you wish to delete

  • Use the check box to the left of the sku to select the item(s)

  • Click the Delete button

Common Issues deleting products

From time to time, you may receive an error when attempting to delete your product entries. The most common cause of an error here is linked products.

You must first remove any existing links between SKUs before you delete a SKU. This can be done by clicking the linked product icon on the SKU and then clicking Unlink Products.

You can use the Product Link Export button on the Products page to get a full list of your linked SKUs. This will be emailed to the logged in user, providing a csv file containing all links.

Another issue you may have is deleted products reappearing in your Products page immediately after deletion. In such cases it is worth checking whether Auto-Import Listings is enabled in Settings > Sales Channels > Manage for the relevant Channel(s).

This setting needs to be disabled to prevent deleted Products from being brought back through to the system automatically.

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