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CCP - Troubleshooting Amazon Listing Errors
CCP - Troubleshooting Amazon Listing Errors

Common listing errors you might encounter when listing to Amazon

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If you are seeing errors when listing it is important to address them as that will usually prevent the listing from being created. As these error messages are created by Amazon, rather than Cloud Commerce Pro, we have little control over them.

Below are some of the more common listing errors typically encountered and a few tips on how to understand and resolve them.

1. Invalid Values In Descriptions & Titles

Status: Errors while creating. Error: The Message/Product/DescriptionData/Description field contains an invalid value.

This error indicates there is a problem with something in the title or description. This can be a multitude of things such as titles that are too long or problematic HTML.

The error will normally contain which value is causing the issue, which should help you track down the culprit allowing you to edit it.

2. Incorrect Value In An Attribute

The Message/Product/ProductData/FoodAndBeverages/ProductType/Food/UnitCount/@unitOfMeasure field contains an invalid value: Fl Oz. To correct this error, choose from the valid set of values.

If you see an error similar to the one above, it is likely the value of one of your attributes doesn't fit Amazon's strict list of accepted values and formats. Amazon are also a little unclear which values and formats are acceptable, so if you're seeing an error like this, your best checking on Amazon Seller Central for advice.

3. Image Limit

Status: Errors while updating. Error: Requested value 'PT9' was not found.

Amazon allows no more than 8 images per listing. If you are seeing this error it means you have exceeded this limit.

Check your listing template and remove any additional images that might be pushing you past the limit.

4. Incorrect Input Format

Error: Input string was not in a correct format

This means something incompatible was entered as a value or part of it.

For example: You might have entered a weight of "1000g" when you should have simply enter "1000" as the unit is defined by its own specific attribute.

5. Conflicts With The Amazon Catalogue

Error: SKU: XXXX-XXXX-SM. The SKU data provided conflicts with the Amazon catalog. The standard_product_id value(s) provided correspond to the ASIN BXXXXXXXXXB, but some information contradicts with the Amazon catalog. The following are the attribute value(s) that are conflicting: size (Merchant: 'L/XL (UK 12-14)' / Amazon: '14 UK / 53 EU'). If your product is this ASIN, then modify your data to reflect the Amazon catalog values. Else, check your value(s) for standard_product_id are correct.

This error indicates that some of the information entered does not match what is in the Amazon catalogue.

In this example it is the size information that is conflicting. These values must either be changed or the listing can be added to the Amazon catalogue.

6. Missing Product ID

SKU XXXXXXXXX-Black, Missing Attributes standard_product_id. SKU XXXXXXXXX-Black doesn't match any ASINs. Make sure that all standard product ids (such as UPC, ISBN, EAN, or JAN codes) are correct. To create a new ASIN, include the following attributes: standard_product_id. Feed ID: 0. For more troubleshooting help, see SKU: XXXXXXXXX-Black

An error such as the one above shows you are missing a standard product ID or barcode, such as an EAN or UPC.

The correct identifier must be used. Alternatively you have the option of adding the identifier to the product catalogue.

7. FBA listings not approved

“Your seller account is not approved to offer seller-fulfilled products in this category at this time”

This error indicates that you do not have permission from Amazon to create FBA listings.

It is worth trying to list a second time in case the error is a temporary glitch. If it persists you may need to contact Amazon to request they remove such restrictions from your account.

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