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CCP - Troubleshooting eBay Listing Errors
CCP - Troubleshooting eBay Listing Errors

Common errors encountered while listing to eBay and how to fix them

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Listing to eBay using Cloud Commerce Pro is usually a trouble free experience. However, errors can easily occur when interfacing one system with another. In this guide we will go over some of the more commonly found errors, what they can mean and how to get around them.

eBay listing errors can be found in a number of places in Cloud Commerce Pro. One of the most useful places to check is your sales channel view. Here all of the errors effecting your eBay channel will be summarised.

Click "View Errors" to see a detail list of all effected listings.

Here you can see the specific error which could help you diagnose the issue.

Clicking "Retry" will update the listing, which can sometimes fix an erroring listing if the error was time limited.

The "View" button will take you to the main listing editor for that product which you can use to try and fix the issues or collect information like SKU's to send to the CCP support team for assistance.

When on the main listing editor, any listing errors will be displayed like the one below:

Error Message

!ERROR! updateStock: IAF token supplied is invalid

Cause of Error & Solution

Your token may have expired if this is showing on all products.

You can update your token in CCP by following this guide: Renewing Ebay Tokens

However if this error is only appearing on a single or a small sample of products, but others are working and updating fine, then removing and relisting the product should fix the issue.

Error Message

It looks like you've reached the number of items you can list. You can list up to XX items this month. Request to list more

Cause of Error & Solution

eBay have restricted the number of listings you can create per month.

If you need your listing limits increasing, follow the link below and speak to eBay's customer support:

Error Message

The item specific XX is missing. Add XX to this listing, enter a valid value and then try again

Cause of Error & Solution

eBay are very strict on item specifics. This error can occur if certain mandatory item specifics have been missed.

Missing item specifics can be added under "Compulsory Options" in the main listing editor.

If you have included the item specific that the error states is missing, it could be because the value is not valid. This may require a little research as what eBay deems a valid item specific will differ from product to product.

As above, the item specific value can be added under "Compulsory Options" in the main listing editor.

Error Message

!ERROR! updateStock: Variation level SKU or Variation level SKU and ItemID should be supplied to revise a Multi-SKU item

Cause of Error & Solution

This error can occur if only part of the listing is mapped. Check the SKU's in the mapping screen. Also check your "hidden" mappings in case the problem products have been mistakenly hidden previously.

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