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CCP - Message Centre: Adding Message Source Rules
CCP - Message Centre: Adding Message Source Rules

Adding & configuring message source rules for the message centre in Cloud Commerce Pro

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Message source rules are used to group together the various types of places messages can come from. Message source rules are used together with classification rules to direct automation such as auto reply rules and message templates which ensures they are used at the correct times.


1. Admin Centre

From the Admin Centre in Cloud Commerce Pro, click the Configuration button.

2. Configuration

From the Configuration menu on the left of the screen, first click Message Centre to drill into that section. Then click Message Source Rules.

3. Message Source Rules

Any existing message source rules will display here. These can be deleted by pressing the trash can button if required.

To begin adding a new rule, click the Add New Rule button.

4. Setting the Variable

In the text box beside If sender ends with: specify a variable that an email ends with, such as or

5. Setting the Classification

Use the drop down box next to Classify It As to select what you want the above to be classified as.

For example, if everyone in your business used the domain @fancydrawers and you wanted all emails from that domain to be treated as internal, simply select Internal from the drop down list.

There should be no need for you to configure Amazon and eBay sources here as these are recognised by the system.

6. Save Your Rule

Once you are happy with your configuration, click the Save button to finalise your choices.

7. View Rule

Your new rule will now display in the list with any other rules that were created previously.

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