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For more general information on contacting our Support Team for assistance, please see this guide.

Our telephone support lines are currently only available for outbound calls, on request. If you ever feel that you require a phone call to assist you with a particular issue or query, you can request one from the team via the chat system. Please note however, that the scheduling of such a call will depend on how busy the team is currently with incoming requests.

Following trial periods of re-opening our phone support lines, we have found that the majority of our Support Team's time was spent answering calls for lower priority issues, rather than assisting customers and resolving issues directly.

We have found that the utilisation of the chat system has many distinct benefits over the phone system:

  • We have a clear record/log of any issues or queries that are raised with the Support Team, which can be referred back to at a future date.

  • There is less risk of ambiguity regarding what has been said by either part at any time during interactions.

  • Both parties can provide supplemental information: screenshots, guides, GIFs, videos, etc. to help clarify and resolve any issues.

  • Our small team of staff can assist with more customers at once, without being held on a single call for an excessive amount of time.

  • Our team therefore has more time to focus on investigation of the causes of issues, ticket escalation, and resolution of any requests.

This shows that the chat system is a much more effective and efficient method of communication all round, meaning that we are able to much more with fewer resources, and keep our costs down. The alternative here would be to increase monthly rates for our services, which is not something we want to force on our customers.

If you ever have any issues communicating via the chat system, remember that we do offer outbound calls, as mentioned above to help resolve any problems. If there are any issues further to this, you can also request input from the Head of Support, who will be able to assist accordingly.

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