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CCP - Changing the Order of Warehouse Bays
CCP - Changing the Order of Warehouse Bays

How to re-order your warehouse bays in Cloud Commerce Pro

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This guide will take you through the process of changing the order of your warehouse bays in Cloud Commerce Pro.

For a closer look at how CCP allocates orders from your warehouses, check the link below:


1. Admin Centre

First of all we need to navigate to where warehouses are configured.

Click the Configuration button from the Admin Centre screen.

2. Configuration Menu

From the pop-out configuration menu on the left of the screen, first click Warehouse to drill into that section, then click Warehouses.

3. Warehouse List

While each warehouse is checked by the system sequentially when allocating an order, so too are the bays within each warehouse.

If you need to fine tune the order of allocation for your warehouse operation, you can also alter the order of the bays.

Click the Bays button next to the warehouse you want to alter.

4. Warehouse Bay List

Just like the warehouse list, CCP will read through your bay list from top to bottom when attempting to allocate products before moving on to the next warehouse. However, the bay order is not determined alphabetically, but instead can be manually altered at any time.

Use the check box to select the bay you want to move. You can move multiple bays by checking multiple boxes if needed.

Finally, click the Move button to shift the bay to a specific position of your choice. Alternatively, click either Top or Bottom buttons to remove the bay to the top or bottom of the list directly.

5. Move Instructions

If you clicked the Move button, you will be met with an instruction dialogue. Click OK to continue.

If you previously clicked either the Top or Bottom buttons, this dialogue will not be shown. Skip ahead to step 7.

6. Drop Bay

You will now see a Drop button beside every other warehouse bay. Click the one you require to move your bay to that position in the list.

Tip: If the order of the bay's does not update after pressing the Drop button, try refreshing your screen (F5 key).

7. Save New Route Order

Your chosen warehouse bay will now have moved to its new location in the list, as shown in the example below.

Regardless of whether you used the Move, Top or Bottom functions, ensure you click Save Route Order before leaving the screen, otherwise your changes will be dismissed.

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