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CCP - Complex Warehouse: Order of Allocation Explained
CCP - Complex Warehouse: Order of Allocation Explained

An explanation of how CCP determines which warehouse to allocate stock for an order when using Complex Warehouse mode

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When using Complex Warehouse mode, all stock is allocated to specific warehouse bays. But if the stock of a single product is spread over multiple warehouses or bays, how can you tell which ones will be used when CCP comes to allocate an order?


1. Admin Centre

First of all we need to navigate to where warehouses are configured.

Click the Configuration button from the Admin Centre screen.

2. Configuration Menu

From the pop-out configuration menu on the left of the screen, first click Warehouse to drill into that section, then click Warehouses.

3. Warehouse List

On this screen you will see a list of all currently configured warehouses.

When an order is received, CCP will check through every warehouse and every bay within that warehouse sequentially until it is able to allocate the order.

Your warehouses are ordered in the list alphabetically and grouped by warehouse type. Warehouse types are checked in the following order:

  1. Stock Warehouse

  2. Inbound Warehouse

  3. Outbound Warehouse

  4. Fullfilled by Amazon

For example, imagine we had two stock warehouse types called "A1Stock" and "B1Stock" as well as two outbound warehouse types called "A1Out" and B1Out". When an order comes in, the system would check each warehouse in the following order:

  1. A1Stock

  2. B1Stock

  3. A1Out

  4. B1Out

4. Change Warehouse Order

If you want to change the order of your warehouses, the best way is to change the name, since the system checks them alphabetically.

Find the warehouse you want to alter and click the Settings button.

5. Edit Warehouse

You can change the name of your warehouse in the text box provided.

Remember, your warehouses are ordered alphabetically, so start your warehouse name with a letter befitting where you would prefer it to be in the list.

After changing the name, remember to click the Save button to confirm the change and return you to the Warehouse List screen.

6. New Warehouse Order

As you can see in the example below, we changed the first letter of this warehouse from "A" to "Z" which sent it from the top of the list to the bottom.

Notice the "Inbound stock" warehouse in the example is still listed after "Z-Complex Warehouse" as it is a different warehouse type.

7. Warehouse Bays

While each warehouse is checked by the system sequentially when allocating an order, so too are the bays within each warehouse.

If you need to fine tune the order of allocation for your warehouse operation, you can also alter the order of the bays.

For a guide on re-ordering your warehouse bay's, click the link below:

8. Sales Channel Warehouse Connections

Another process that can effect the order of warehouse allocations is sales channel warehouse connections. This essentially allows you to restrict orders coming in from certain sales channels to use only the warehouses you specify.

So under normal circumstances, when an order comes in, the system checks through all warehouses in the list as described above. But if the order comes from a sales channel where you have set up warehouse connections, then only the warehouses specified will be used for allocating stock to those orders.

For a guide on setting up and configuring sales channel warehouse connections, click the link below:

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