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CCP - Order Importer: Suitability of Purpose
CCP - Order Importer: Suitability of Purpose

Known limitations and suitability of purpose of the Order Importer given particular setup environments

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Assumptions about how the Order Importer will be used

The behaviour of the Order Importer may change depending on the configuration of the environment it is set up in. The following assumptions were made when developing this tool.

  • There will be a single machine that typically runs the application

  • The same person/Windows log on is going to run the application (since the working directory belongs to a Windows Profile)

  • The Documents folder of the Windows login used to run the application is on the local machine, is named after the user logged in, and is where we would expect to find it in C:\Users\

Limitations of the Order Importer

There are some known limitations based on Customer experiences and requests, and application capability

  • Not suitable for high throughput of orders due to processing time and API overhead

  • Not recommended to be used on more than one computer due to there being no mechanism to synchronise settings and files and mapping the My Documents folder to a shared drive can cause file path issues

  • If running in multiple orders from the same file, all rows relating to the order must be grouped together otherwise later rows will be rejected as a duplicate order

  • Can not map a Shipping Service Name to the order to aid auto assignment of shipping rules as it is imported and allocated

  • Shipping Rule ID is only used if a profile is configured to dispatch orders as they go in, and currently this is only selected by a drop down so all dispatched orders put in through the same profile will use the same dispatch method

  • If mapping a Customer ID rather than providing a billing address, it is still necessary to map the starred billing address fields to the equivalent shipping address fields

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