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CCP - Order Importer: Copying Configuration Between Machines
CCP - Order Importer: Copying Configuration Between Machines

How to copy files between machines when you need to run

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Copying Settings and Profiles

To prepare a working configuration ready for copying over to another machine do the following

  1. Create a new folder called “Order Importer”: this should not be in the Documents folder, recommend you create it on your Desktop.

  2. Copy profile.bak and settings.bak into the created folder: these files are usually located at /My Documents/Order Importer/ on the computer you want to copy the settings from. Both of these files are required to recreate the setup between machines.

  3. Zip the “Order Importer“ folder you just created: these are the only settings you need to export if you want to copy profiles. The prepared zip file is the only file you need to copy over.

Restoring Settings and Profiles

To “install“ the settings that were prepared from another machine.

  1. Prepare your machine: Check your Documents folder to see if there is a folder called “Order Importer“ - if there is rename it if you want to keep it or delete it if you don’t. Not doing this step can cause some strange behaviour.

  2. Reset the application: If you have previously ran the application, delete any config files in the folder you ran it from. Not doing this step can cause some strange behaviour.

  3. Copy the zipped “Order Importer“ folder to the machine: unzip to the My Documents folder - the files in the folder you just unzipped should be in My Documents > Order Importer

  4. Run the Order Importer application: if done correctly, once the application has downloaded the Shipping Rules and Channel IDs to the machine you should be able to run in files that match the appropriate profile(s) you have configured.

  5. If you get asked for an API key when you start the application, double check where you unzipped the files to in step 3. When uploaded where it expects them it will find the API key automatically. The API Key should be in the settings.bak file if you need to find it.

Do you use OneDrive, Google Drive or other Cloud Synchronising Program?

If you have any synchronisation software running on the machine (eg OneDrive or Google Drive, Dropbox etc), be aware that the Windows Explorer shortcut to the “Documents“ folder may have been hijacked by this software and what you think has been unzipped to the Documents folder is actually in the synchronised folder instead.

You need to unpack settings and files into the Documents folder that is in the root of the appropriate User folder and run it from there.

Doing a Clean Reset on a Single Machine (for Debugging)

If you are having an issue with the Order Importer but want to do a clean reset of files without loosing any configuration/profiles you have - then you can try the following which might help to clear up any locks/orders with the application that are preventing processing that you can’t identify

  1. Follow instructions for Copying Settings and Profiles (above)

  2. Follow instructions for Restoring Settings and Profiles (above) on the same machine

  3. Delete the old config file that is generated in the folder that you run the application (so that it loses it's memory). This file is the same name as the .exe you run but with a .config extension.

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