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CCP - Order Importer: Invalid Data Found in Request
CCP - Order Importer: Invalid Data Found in Request

There is bad data found in the spreadsheet related to the order you are attempting to import

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You've probably just found an error like this in the logs

CCP LIVE SOAP ERROR for call SubmitOrder: Positive success status not received. Invalid Data Found in Request

This is usually followed by a line pointing you to the request and the response. Check the request file in a text editor (it is mostly readable) and do a quick visual check that the data is what you would expect.

Things to check:-

  • Address details - the API is particular about country names in API calls, it’s not “UK“ but “United Kingdom“ (which is the default country if not provided). When provided, the Country name has to match the one in our DB or it could error.

  • Prices - should not have any currency symbols in the API call, remove currency symbols from prices

  • Quantities - must be whole numbers

  • Any special characters or “code“ that looks out of place

If there is anything strange about that data - check it against the spreadsheet that you imported, you should be able to fix anything obvious and reset the order to attempt the order again.

If you have trouble identifying what the bad data is, please send us a ticket asking for help to identify the bad data in your spreadsheet, we will need:-

  • The spreadsheet with the failed order

  • The API calls (Request and Response) for the Order which should be found in the My Documents > Order Importer > Errors folders

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