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CCP - Order Importer: No specific error message was found
CCP - Order Importer: No specific error message was found

This is a error that is typical with system timeouts and a retry, after assessment, may fix the issue

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You've probably just found an error like this in the logs.

CCP LIVE SOAP ERROR for call SubmitOrder: Positive success status not received. No specific error message was found

This is usually followed by a line pointing you to the request and the response. Check the response file in the My Documents > Order Importer > Errors folder, if it is empty or there is nothing relating to the order, then the application timed out while waiting for the response - there is a chance that the order is actually in the system or that there were communication or connection issues at the point of processing the order.

If the order is actually in the system, you may find it has been duplicated or not marked as paid and it needs a bit of help to get into the appropriate state (ie in the dispatch queue).

  • If the order is in the system but not paid, pay it manually in CCP

If you see this error in the logs often...

If this is a common entry in the error log file then this could be a sign of connection issues or orders being too big to process before the Order Importer gives up waiting for an answer and the customer might need to consider looking at breaking orders into smaller orders where possible to avoid issues with importing.

Order size and connection quality are a known limitation that we can’t guarantee support for.

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