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CCP - Data - Setting the Default Tax Treatment on Products in Bulk
CCP - Data - Setting the Default Tax Treatment on Products in Bulk

Updating your default tax treatments in bulk

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This guide will walk you through the process of setting the default tax treatment against your product variations in bulk via spreadsheet in Cloud Commerce Pro.

For a guides on how to set this manually on a single product variation or how to set country specific tax treatments in bulk, click the links below:


1. Admin Centre

From the Admin Centre in Cloud Commerce Pro, click the Products button.

2. Product Ranges

On the Product Ranges screen, click the Exports button.

3. Product Exports

Click the Export Products button to generate a fresh export of your inventory. When updating products via spreadsheet, it is best practice to always work from the most up to date data.

Once generated, your product export will appear at the top of the list. Hover the mouse over the Actions tab and click Download Spreadsheet.

Save the spreadsheet to your device and give it a unique name so you can easily identify it before opening it in your preferred spreadsheet editing tool.

If you don't want to risk making changes to certain products, simply copy the ones you want to change into a fresh spreadsheet along with ALL of the headers.

4. Editing the Spreadsheet

With your spreadsheet now open, find the header named "VAR_TaxTreatmentDefault". This has replaced the old "VAR_VATRate".

Your default tax treatment can now be entered against each product variation in the spreadsheet by entering the appropriate tax code under VAR_TaxTreatmentDefault.

The codes we currently support are as follows:


Tax Code



Reduced Rate


Extra Reduced Rate


Super Reduced Rate


Zero Rate


Flat Rate (UK Only)


ECG Exempt


VAT Exempt


The actual percentage of VAT these treatments apply will vary at the point of order depending on which country they are being shipped to.

Consult the table below (right click the table and select "open image in new tab" for the full size version) for the actual tax rate percentage for each treatment in each region.

Please note: Cloud Commerce Pro hold no responsibility for setting the tax treatment for your products. Proceed with caution to ensure you are setting the correct treatment for each product. If you have any doubts about what treatment to use, please consult an accredited accountant or HMRC.

Once complete, save your spreadsheet on your device and head back to the Product Ranges screen in CCP.

5. Return to Product Ranges

From the Product Ranges screen in Cloud Commerce Pro, click the Imports button.

6. Uploading New Spreadsheet

First you need to upload your new spreadsheet before you can import the data into Cloud Commerce Pro.

Click the Upload Spreadsheet button.

Once complete, your spreadsheet will display at the top of the list of available items.

Check the box under "Use" to make this spreadsheet as the one you will be importing from.

7. Run Import Step

Scroll down the page until you find Step 7: Price Import and click the Import Prices button.

The step will update the status as the import processes (press F5 to refresh the screen if not). If you are updating a large amount of products, this can take some time. Once the status shows as complete, your product tax treatments have now been added to the system.

If the spreadsheet fails, a list of errors with the corresponding SKU's will be displayed so you can attempt to fix them on the spreadsheet. If you don't understand the error displayed, please contact our support team for assistance.

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