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CCP - Open API: Methods for Dispatching Orders
CCP - Open API: Methods for Dispatching Orders

Using our API to dispatch orders and/or update the channel you are integrating with

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There are 2 general ways to dispatch API created orders:-

  • Using the normal functionality within CCP dispatch queue - then use the API to get information on the order after the dispatch to update your channel

  • Dispatching on the channel, and then updating CCP with the tracking information and number of items to dispatch

Where you dispatch the orders will ultimately steer how you integrate your dispatch notifications going to or coming from the channel.

Good to Know

  • Our API does not have any built in triggers to the system, so we can't push data out to your channel when the order status changes to dispatched

  • If you opt to dispatch on CCP, then you will need to periodically check for a list of completed orders

  • Assuming that the data is not enough in the "summary" of orders to dispatch on your system (say for example you check for partial dispatch), then you may need to get a more detailed view of each order so that you can dispatch it.

  • Our actual API dispatch function is only of use if you want to dispatch orders on your channel and need to clear them from the dispatch queue and add tracking in CCP.

Useful Functions

  • To pull information into your channel

    • getOrderDetailsById - gets as much information about the order as possible, using the CCP order ID.

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