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CCP - Q/A - What is a product range?
CCP - Q/A - What is a product range?

This guide will show you what a range is and how it works in CCP

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A range is a group of related products. i.e. a multi listing.

Depending on the type of products you sell, you may have many ranges that contain a single item, many ranges that contain multiple variations, or a mixture of both.

If you plan to list to Amazon, eBay or an eCommerce website through Cloud Commerce Pro, your range composition should reflect how you want to list products.

Products you only want to list singularly should be in single product ranges, and products you’ll want to list in multi listings must be in the same range within Cloud Commerce Pro.

Example Range

Range: Wooden Garden Bench
Wooden Garden Bench

There is only one product in this range, so only a single listing is possible from Cloud Commerce Pro.

Range: Plain T-Shirts
Plain T-Shirt Blue Small
Plain T-Shirt Blue Medium
Plain T-Shirt Blue Large
Plain T-Shirt Red Small
Plain T-Shirt Red Medium
Plain T-Shirt Red Large

To create a range, you can follow this guide here -

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