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CCP - General - Setting up a payment gateway (Overall)
CCP - General - Setting up a payment gateway (Overall)

This guide will show you how to set up a payment gateway against a selling channel within CCP.

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1. Head into the configuration section

From the main admin Centre, click into the configuration section

2. Click the payment gateway option

Once you are in the config section, you will see an option tab on the right side of the screen. Head into the side which reads 'Payment gateway'

3. Applying the correct channel

Once you are in the payment gateway section, you will notice a dropdown at the top of the page above the gateways. This will allow you to choose which gateways show on which channel

4. Selecting the correct payment gateway

Now that you are in the payment gateway section, you will see a number of payment gateways which can be used within CCP, these are as follows;

  • CardSave -

  • GlobalPayments -

  • Payment sense -

  • PayPal -

  • SagePay -

  • SecureTrading -

  • Stripe -

  • Paypal Pro -

  • WorldPay -

Each of these gateways require different information and credentials to be created, the way to find out which gateway requires what would be by pressing the add/edit option under the gateway you wish to view or by clicking the link next to gateway above

5. Turning on the gateway

Once you have entered the credentials against the payment gateway, set the status to active and turn test mode off

Once set up, you will then be able to use the gateway on customer orders within CCP

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