It is important to know that this guide is a follow up to the CCP - General - Setting up a payment gateway (Overall) guide -

Before integrating with payment sense, you will need to notify a member of the support team who can get the relevant IPs set up for you for the integration to work correctly

1. Click into the PaymentSense gateway

Once in the payment gateway section, click the add/edit option against the gateway

2. Applying the correct credentials

Once you have clicked the add/edit option, a box will appear where you can add in the credentials

  • Name (Name of the account)

  • Live MerchantID

  • Live Password

  • Test MerchantID

  • Test Password

  • PreSharedKey

You will have an email containing this information when setting up an account with PaymentSense

Once complete, press the save details and link this gateway option to complete the gateway

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