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CCP - General - Setting up a payment gateway (PayPal pro)
CCP - General - Setting up a payment gateway (PayPal pro)

This guide will show you what credentials are needed to create PayPal Pro as a payment gateway in CCP

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It is important to know that this guide is a follow up to the CCP - General - Setting up a payment gateway (Overall) guide -

1. Click into the PayPal Pro gateway

Once in the payment gateway section, click the add/edit option against the gateway

2. Applying the correct credentials

Once you have clicked the add/edit option, a box will appear where you can add in the credentials

  • Live Username

  • Live Password:

  • Live Signature

  • Sandbox Username

  • Sandbox Password

  • Sandbox Signature

This information will be stored against your account you have with with PayPal Pro, this needs to be authorised before it can be used

Once complete, press the save details and link this gateway option to complete the gateway

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