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CCP - General - How to use the file exchange
CCP - General - How to use the file exchange

This guide will provide information on where to find the file exchange section and how to use this correctly

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The file exchange is used for when you wish to upload a file which isn't part of any of the files we use. Spreadsheet files for couriers and supplier feeds can be set up here.

This section is also used for storing images and PDF documents.

1. Admin centre

From the main admin centre, head into the configuration section

2. Clicking into the file exchange section

Once in the configuration section, you will see an option tab on the left side

Click into the file exchange

3. Understanding the file exchange

Now that you are in the file exchange, you will have the ability to upload files into CCP, the main uses for this section are;

  • Business Logos

  • Product images

  • Order files

  • pdf documents

You can use the drag and drop box to insert files you wish to upload, you can also use the filters to find any files which have previously been uploaded

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