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CCP - General - Integrating a PaymentSense PDQ
CCP - General - Integrating a PaymentSense PDQ

This guide will show you step by step, how to integrate the payment sense PDQ for EPOS

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Prior to setting this up - you must contact PaymentSense and let them know you want to integrate with Cloud Commerce Pro if you haven't already. We currently support this Integration from Payment Sense using Chain “PS_Retail - ICT/iPP/iWL IP - GBP - PrntPOS”. This is a semi-integration chain that can only be set-up by PaymentSense which supports ICT, IWL and IPP models.

Step 1: Install PSConnect Software Service, link below. Unzip and run the install

(Ask a member of the CCP to provide you with the PSconnect folder)

Step 2: You need to add exceptions to the Windows Advanced Firewall, these need to be inbound and outbound for UDP.

Step 3: Gather current IP settings from the primary ethernet adapter.

Step 4: Set up a static IP configuration on the Primary ethernet adapter.

Step 5: Test Terminal is functioning on the network

Step 6: Add the IP address and Port number into the Ingenico terminal.

Step 7: Open up CCP Till Software, click the settings cog, enter pin number (2312 will work), “Payment Devices”, Set to “PsConnect” and enter the TID number from the terminal. You can find this number at the top of any MERCHANT copy receipts (customer copies will star out some digits). You can also find this on the Logon receipt that printed earlier. Type this into the Name Box in CCP and pad out with zero's until you have 15 digits.

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