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CG - Connect to WooCommerce
CG - Connect to WooCommerce

Learn how to connect to your WooCommerce webstore for product imports, stock and order management

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Please note, that the version of WooCommerce used by ChannelGrabber will be moving to a dedicated extension in 2024. You will need to ensure the extension is installed to continue using ChannelGrabber with WooCommerce.

Use the following guide to help connect your WooCommerce account to ChannelGrabber. Once connected any orders will be downloaded into ChannelGrabber, together with any listings. Stock will also be managed, if stock management is turned on for WooCommerce in ChannelGrabber.

In order to obtain the relevant details required for the connection, you'll need to login to your WooCommerce admin panel. If you don't know what this is, you should be able to obtain this from your site administrator.

Once you login to WooCommerce, you will be presented with the main dashboard page.

Click on WooCommerce on the navigation bar to the left side of the page.

Then click on Settings:

Click on the Advanced tab at the top of the page, then Legacy API and check the box to Enable the Legacy REST API

Note: ChannelGrabber currently uses Woocommerce API Version 2, which is why the Legacy API needs to be enabled here.

Next click REST API, followed by Add Key:

  • Enter the description as "ChannelGrabber".

  • The User can remain the same

  • Permissions as Read/Write

  • Then click on Generate API Key

You will then be presented with a page which shows your API Keys, please keep this page open and go to your ChannelGrabber account in another Tab.

In ChannelGrabber, click on Settings. Then click on WooCommerce in the dropdown next to the "Add" button on the right side of the page and then click on "Add".

You will then see the following page:

Go back to the WooCommerce page and copy the Consumer Key into the Consumer Key in ChannelGrabber

Copy the Consumer Secret from WooCommerce into the Consumer Secret in ChannelGrabber.

Go to Settings > General in WooCommerce.

Copy the "WordPress Address (URL)" into the "Your Website URL" field in ChannelGrabber.

Click on Link account.

Your WooCommerce account should now be connected to ChannelGrabber!

If you experience any issues or errors here at all, please send a message to our Support Team and we will be able to assist you as needed!

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