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Use filters to produce the spreadsheet you really need

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You can export your order data for many reasons, such as record-keeping or to export it into a 3rd party system. It is very easy to do this, simply go to the orders table, select the orders you want to export, then click the To CSV button to download:

There are three options:

The To CSV option exports the order data with one row PER PRODUCT, so that means if you have an order with three items, there will be three data rows for one order.  This could be useful for product assessment (eg. working out your best sellers) and sales forecasting.

The Order Data Only option exports one row PER ORDER, so you get general order data but not product-specific data.  This could be useful for accounting and marketing.

There are a couple of advanced things you can do here. If you don't select any orders, clicking To CSV will download everything currently filtered. This means you can apply your filters to produce a spreadsheet which contains data which fits your criteria.

For example, apply the "previous month" filter and then click To CSV. This will produce a spreadsheet which contains all order information from the previous month. Very handy if you want to produce a monthly report!

The options are only limited by your imagination.

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