CG - Printing Shipping Labels with a Label Printer

You can print your labels using any standard label printer, such as Royal Mails Zebra printer

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If you have a label printer provided by your courier and have integrated your courier with ChannelGrabber (see our Couriers & Shipping section for more details on connecting couriers) then this means you can easily generate courier labels in bulk via ChannelGrabber and then print them on your label printer.

Important Note:  All courier labels generated in ChannelGrabber will be 6x4" (150x100mm) which is the universal standard size, so you need to ensure that your labels are the correct dimensions.

To get started, please navigate to your main Orders page:

1.  Select as many orders as you need using the check-box to the left of each order, or select all orders by clicking into the top check-box:

2.  Click the Ship button from your actions toolbar:

3.  Review Orders
If you have previously set up Shipping Aliases, then the courier and service should be automatically pre-selected based on the shipping method from the order channel.  If you have not set up a Shipping Alias for one or more of the services, then you will need to select the courier and service you want to use, then click the Continue button on the top right corner of the page:

4.  Finalise Label Details (per courier)
You can now enter the weight (kg) for each item (if you have already entered weights on previous orders or on the Products page, then these will be pre-filled in based on the SKU of the items ordered).

After the weight, different couriers have different options that you can select, such as Package Types, Add-Ons (signatures, insurance etc) - in our example here it's Royal Mail:

Once you have selected all necessary options, you can either click the individual Create Label buttons next to each order if you want to generate the labels separately, or you can click the Create All Labels button to generate all the labels at once:

This will generate labels for each of your orders, so once you see the Print Label button appear next to each order, that shows that the label is ready to print.  As before, you can either print labels individually or use the Print All Labels button to create a PDF file containing all the labels so they can be printed as one big batch:

Once you have generated your label PDF files, simply print them on your label printer, and then you're done!

If you have another courier, then you will have a Next Courier button at the top right corner of the page, so you just repeat the same process to generate the other courier's labels, then click the Back To Orders button when you are finished printing all your labels:

ChannelGrabber Tip:  
If you would like to be able to easily check which orders have had their shipping labels created from the main Orders page, you can enable the Shipping Label Created Date column on your order table (see our guide on How to Customise the Order Page for more detail on this), which will then display the time and date that your label was created next to the order for easy reference:

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