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CG - I have a webstore or courier that is not currently supported, how can I connect it to ChannelGrabber?
CG - I have a webstore or courier that is not currently supported, how can I connect it to ChannelGrabber?

Information about ChannelGrabber's API

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Whilst we have already developed several direct integrations with the most popular webstores and couriers, you may find that your webstore or courier (or other software system) cannot currently be supported.

For this scenario, our developers have created an API (Application Programming Interface) which most developers can utilise to allow you to connect your system to ours.

The API allows your developer to fetch data from our system and send data to our system to allow your webstore/courier/software to utilise that information, rather than you having to access them separately from our system eg. you could send customer address details from ChannelGrabber orders to your courier etc.

It is important to note that you will need to either do the development work yourself, or hire a freelance developer with the skills needed to understand and utilise our API documentation, which can be found in your ChannelGrabber account under Settings > Advanced > API

Please note:

Our API is available to customers on the Growth Accelerator package and above of our subscription model.  If you subscribe to a lower package, you will need to upgrade before you can access our API documentation or receive support to use it.

Your developer will need to be authorised by you, to use your specific account's API information for any development work that they undertake on your behalf.

To obtain the Client ID (also known as Key) and  Client Secret that your developer will require,  you need to log into your ChannelGrabber account, then navigate to Settings > Advanced > API.  

Your personal access information (Key and Secret) will be provided here as well as a link to the API Documentation for your developers to refer to.

Important Note: Access tokens expire after one hour, so after that point a new one will need to be requested if your developer has not already used it in that time frame.

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