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Learn how to connect your Magento Version 2 webstore to ChannelGrabber for stock and order management

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This integration is a little different from our other supported webstores, as it was developed by a freelance developer and connects using ChannelGrabber's Public API.

It allows for full order management for Magento Version 2, and stock management is also possible, however the integration does not allow for the import of products from Magento into ChannelGrabber.  

Therefore, in order for stock management to work, the SKUs from Magento need to exist in the ChannelGrabber products page eg. by being imported from another channel such as eBay or Amazon, or by being manually added into ChannelGrabber - see our guides on Creating a New Single Product and Creating a New Variation Product - or to export product data from Magento and upload it to ChannelGrabber via CSV, see Add New Products in Bulk Upload CSV - and then they will sync up with the matching SKUs on Magento to push stock updates out.

Important Stock Management Note:  

As soon as Magento is connected to ChannelGrabber and any SKUs that are present on Magento exist on the main Products page in ChannelGrabber (ie. if they have been imported from another sales channel), Magento will start to retrieve stock updates from ChannelGrabber, even if stock management in ChannelGrabber is switched off.  

If you do not want this to happen immediately, we will need to ensure that we disable Magento from reading stock information from our API.  Please let us know BEFORE the integration process beings if you need this to be done.

Connecting Magento with ChannelGrabber

In order to get the ball rolling with your Magento integration with ChannelGrabber, please email the following details to and your On-Boarding Specialist will then put you into contact directly with the developer who created and supports this integration:

Magento SSH Admin Login Credentials:

FTP Login Details:

  • FTP Host

  • FTP Username

  • FTP Password


Important Support Note:

The Magento integration is setup and supported by a freelance developer and not directly by ChannelGrabber.

ChannelGrabber accepts no liability in the event that this integration ceases to be offered or supported.

Please contact the developer directly for any and all support for this Magento integration once you have been put into contact with him.

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