This tutorial shows you how to move stock around CCP internal Amazon FBA warehouses records.

This process does not move stock in Amazon. You should still complete that process through the Amazon interface.

There is a video to show the process here:

Transfer stock to CCP FBA warehouse

To tell CCP you have transferred more stock to FBA, load Product Manager from the main menu.

Select Amazon from the filters

Select Amazon from the channel types filter.

Locate the product and click stock transfer

Locate the product you wish to update either by scrolling through your product or searching for a SKU or ASIN.

Click the Check API Level

The FBA stock is updated at around 9.30am UK time and each time a sale is made. You can also check that the current stock levels reported by CCP are still correct by clicking the Check API Level which checks immediately with Amazon.

Click to accept the value

If you wish you can click yes to accept the value if it is different and a stock update will be entered in the records.

Transfer items from your inventory

You can mark to transfer items from your internal storage to let us know how many you have sent to Amazon. The internal FBA stock level will be updated and this is verified daily by CCP.

Click confirm to complete the transfer

Click confirm to mark the items as transferred. You should only do this once you have booked in stock with Amazon FBA.

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