There are several API calls that need to be done in a particular order to get an order into and through the system entirely through the API. Before this can be successful - there are a few assumptions we need to make about the order.

Pre-requisites for adding an order

  • All required SKUs are already in the system - any missing SKUs and the order process will fail

  • SKUs are on the target channel for the order - SKUs not added to the channel may be interpreted by the API as unsellable on the channel

  • The order is not already in the system - orders identified as duplicates will be rejected

Order of API calls and logic to process an order

Links to other documents that go through each call in more depth

Once you have done all these steps (some can be skipped depending on Customer type), then you should see your order appear in the Dispatch Queue, which is where most customers will dispatch using CCP as normal.

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