It is important to know that this guide is a follow up to the CCP - General - Setting up a payment gateway (Overall) guide -

With SagePay there are two areas you will need to consider when setting it up as a payment gateway :

Both areas contain information required to be configured on CCP.

Once you are logged in at either area, you should navigate to the Settings / Administrator tab, the details you require are in screenshot below. Copy the Form Integration Encryption Password from the LIVE & TEST accounts into the fields on CCP. See below.

1. Click into the PayPal gateway

Once in the payment gateway section, click the add/edit option against the gateway

2. Applying the correct credentials

Once you have clicked the add/edit option, a box will appear where you can add in the credentials

  • Name (Name of the account)

  • Email

  • Username

  • Password

  • Signature

This information will be stored against your account you have with PayPal

Once complete, press the save details and link this gateway option to complete the gateway

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