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CCP - Add new Amazon API token
CCP - Add new Amazon API token

Adding the new Amazon API token in to Cloud Commerce Pro

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This guide will walk you through the process of Adding and setting up the new API token for Amazon in Cloud Commerce Pro.
​Amazon currently uses 2 tokens, this guide will walk you through Adding the new Amazon API token(SP-API). If you are having issues with an Amazon account, please first refer to the guide attached to the button below, which will walk you through renewing the token.

1. From the admin centre, click Configuration > Selling > Amazon > accounts

2. Click the ADD button in the Amazon Selling Integration section

3. Set the Primary Market place for the account and press save (this is the country the account was originally registered in).

4. Click Authorise Account

5. This will then open a new tab and will prompt you to sign in using your Amazon credentials (If asked, select your account and marketplace)

6. Review the following access, check and confirm.

7. This tab will then close and display the amazon account page with an access token expiry

Token Expiry date/time

Please note the token will show a date/time of roughly an hour from when requested, this is correct and the system will automatically renew the token going forward. If you notice that the token has expired for your Amazon account on the new API then please make sure the account has active channels attached. An account with no active channels will not renew the token.

If you have any issues please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

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