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CCP - eBay OAuth Access Token
CCP - eBay OAuth Access Token

This guide contains all information that is required for updating your eBay O Auth Access Token in CCP

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eBay accounts are required to add a new type of Token for authentication. This is not to be confused with your existing Access Token.

Please note, this step must be followed for each individual eBay account you have set up on CCP

The new token is highlighted in green below, and the existing Access Token in red:

You will only have to update your OAuth Access Token. To update your normal Access Token, see our article here.

For any eBay account which you have set up in CCP, it is vitally important that this guide is followed to ensure that a connection can be established between eBay and CCP.

To get a new token, see the steps below:

1. From the admin centre, click Configuration > Selling > eBay > accounts.

2. Locate the eBay account you want to update the token for.

3. Click the "GET OAUTH TOKEN" button in the OAuth Access Token Section.

4. Click Yes to the warning message → Click OK

5. You will then be taken to an eBay login screen, login with your eBay credentials

6. You will then need to Grant Application access → Scroll down the permissions and click Agree and Continue

Your OAuth token should now be added successfully. The expiry date of the token should be 18 months from the date it was renewed.

***Please note - after completing all steps you will be redirected to, simply close this window and access your system via your normal URL ***

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