Add Royal Mail PPI as an Shipping Channel in ChannelGrabber

First go to Settings > Shipping Channels and add the option for "Royal Mail (PPI only)"

Enter your Royal Mail PPI License number in the box and save it:

If you are still using Royal Mail's PPI option for shipping your orders, there is some setup required.

Set up your Invoice Template Design

Go to Settings > Template Designer and create a template that includes a PPI Label element on it.

The PPI element can be added using the box in the bottom left of the control panel.

Update your invoice template design however you wish, and save it.

Set up your Shipping Aliases

Finally, you need to set up your Shipping Aliases, so the system knows which Shipping Methods to assign to the different Royal Mail PPI options you have set.

  • Go to Settings > Shipping Aliases

  • Set up a new Shipping Alias, pointing the relevant Shipping Methods (left menu) to the right Shipping Service. The Shipping Service should be Royal Mail (PPI), then whichever PPI option you want assigned to your Shipping Method,

You may need to set up multiple Shipping Aliases at this step, if you use multiple PPI Labels for your different order types.

Note: The Shipping Methods are populated from orders that have been placed - you can check these by looking at an imported order.

Once this has been set up, your should be able to select your order and template design, then download them and see the PPI Label has been assigned based on the options you have selected:

If you have any questions in relation to this article, please contact our Support Team for assistance, with details on the issue encountered, along with an example order to look into.

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