When running a Stock Export from the Products page in ChannelGrabber, you may notice that some of your SKUs appear to have a Total Stock value in the csv file, than what is actually shown as available on your Products page in ChannelGrabber.

In the example below, I can see that my SKU: "link test 2" is showing a Total Stock of "2" on the Stock Export, while my Products page shows just "1" Available.

The reason for this discrepancy is that the Total Stock field is actually made up of Available Stock added to any stock that is Awaiting Dispatch.

Any stock marked as Awaiting Dispatch is stock that is being reserved by orders that have not yet been processed. When an order comes in, stock is moved from Available to Awaiting Dispatch, until the order is dispatched. This ensures stock does not oversell when an order has been placed, and also allows the system to return items to the available stock pool if an order is cancelled.

You can see Awaiting Dispatch stock on the Products page by clicking the Stock tab to the far right of the screen.

Exporting Available Stock and Total Stock levels

You may wish then to export your stock data to show both Total Stock and Available Stock. This can be done using our Data Exchange:

  1. Navigate to Data Exchange > Stock > Templates

  2. Create a new Template with the fields for SKU, Total Stock, and Available Stock, and save it.

You will be able to export this template on demand:

  1. Navigate to Data Exchange > Stock > Export

  2. Select the Template to export from the drop-down

  3. Click Download (the data can also be sent to your user via email)

You will now have a csv file containing both Total Stock and Available Stock values:

From this, you can extrapolate any stock that is Awaiting Dispatch (Total Stock - Available Stock).

Note: if you are looking to use this data to update your stock, you must use the Total Stock field to update stock in ChannelGrabber

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