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CG - Turn On Stock Management

Follow these steps to get started with synchronising your inventory across your sales channels

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Enable stock management to let ChannelGrabber synchronise your stock levels across all your sales channels

Why would you want to do this?

  • Automated stock management is more accurate than a human-based system

  • Reduces oversells by ending all listings when the last item is sold anywhere

  • Make use of advanced stock rules

Getting ready to enable stock management

By now you should have matching SKUs and your products imported into ChannelGrabber. If this is not the case refer back to these guides:

Checking your stock levels

At this point your products will have been imported with whatever stock was held on your sales channel.

If your stock levels are inaccurate you should take this opportunity to do a full stock take. ChannelGrabber can only manage your stock effectively if the stock levels are correct when you turn on stock management.

Please see our detailed guide here on how to check/change stock levels and update stock in bulk for the steps to follow to ensure all stock levels are accurate BEFORE activating stock management.

Enabling Stock Management

Before continuing check the following:

  • All the listings you want us to stock manage are imported into ChannelGrabber

  • All listings of the same product use the same SKU

  • Each product has its own unique SKU not used by any other product

  • Your stock levels are 100% accurate

If any of the above points are not true, do not turn on stock management yet. Mistakes at this stage can result in listings ending early or oversells months down the line. Provided you have followed our guides fully, you are ready to turn on Stock Management.

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Click the Stock Management button

  3. Read the pop-up carefully and confirm that you are happy to proceed

  4. Repeat for all channels you want us to send stock updates to

  5. ChannelGrabber is now your stock controller and all stock updates should take place here from now on:

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