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Learn what Awaiting Dispatch stock values represent, and how to identify what this value is based on.

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If you navigate to your Products page, and click the Stock tab, you will notice a column called Awaiting Dispatch:

This value indicates the number of units of a particular sku that you have unprocessed orders for.

When an order comes in, ChannelGrabber removes the stock from the Available stock value and reserves it as stock Awaiting Dispatch, so that these skus do not oversell. The Awaiting Dispatch value is cleared if an order is Dispatched, or returned to the Available stock pool if the order is Cancelled.

It is worth noting that, on Stock Exports and Stock Imports, the Total Stock value is equal to the Available Stock added to the Awaiting Dispatch Stock.

It is important to ensure that you are completing every order that comes in to ChannelGrabber as Dispatched, Cancelled, or Refunded, so that your stock levels remain accurate, and no stock is being held by unprocessed orders.

Identifying orders that are reserving stock

If you have a sku with Awaiting Dispatch stock that appears to be incorrect, you should be able to identify the order reserving this stock using the filters on the Orders page.

  1. Identify the sku with Awaiting Dispatch Stock reserved

  2. Search for this sku on the Orders page

  3. Search for Orders with any Status except Dispatched, Cancelled, Refunded

You may also need to check your Product Link Export to identify linked skus that could also be reserving this stock.

Any unprocessed orders found here need to be marked as Dispatched, Cancelled, or Refunded to release the held stock level.

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